Kankalini Temple is another famous temple situated in Saptari district

Kankalini Temple

Kankalini Temple

Kankalini Temple (कंकालिनी ) is another famous temple situated in this district. it is located in Bhardah VDC (planned to be Municipality soon). This temple is main attraction for Nepal and Indian pilgrims.people are likely to come here in Bada Dashain.Kankalini Temple has great religious importance. Like most of the other Shakti Peethas in Nepal, this temple, too, has a legend attached to it. According to the legend, the people settled in Bhardaha village had started to use the land for farming, however, while digging, some farmers had found a stone statue carved beautifully with the image of Goddess Durga and in that very place, this temple is said to have been build. It is believed that when a devotee worships with great devotion and true heart in the temple, their wish comes true. So, thousands of peoples from many part of the country come to this temple to worship the avatar of Goddess Durga, known famously as goddess Kankalini.

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